Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Rape Over

What happens to many following

Man is nothing but a walking conundrum. Think about it; generally men want a good girl with a history of innocents, yet while having a naughty side somehow filled with overwhelming experience. And women please don’t even start thinking you’re much different! You all want a guy that’ll treat you good and do right by you, yet yall stay hovering around the doodes who have that dangerous edge.. smh. I digress.

The 21st century job market aka The Rape Over, follows the same trends apparently. Corporate America likes em young, innovative, and energetic. Yet after their whispers of seduction luring you under the corporate sheets, they pause. A look of dissatisfaction across their face. “You don’t have enough experience.”

Its not quantum physics, its simple math. Experience = Job, yet only a Job = experience. Its what some may consider a rotating algorithm. It’s a game just to get into the game, a marathon just to get to the race, a process that truly boils down to who you know and who is willing to take a chance on you. Where are the rewards of education, extra-curriculars, and internships? Is all that effort and time chalked up toe equal no experience?

I surely do not have any of the answers, yet I will allow you to ponder these questions as I have done. I do believe there are loop holes to this rotating algorithm when adding Networking as a key variable. Entry level Corporate America is based on few factors: mainly being trust and performance. Chances are they are unaware of the truth extent of your performance capabilities, so leaning on trust is a must. Network, build that trust, and lie rewardingly under the sheets of corporate America.

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