Thursday, April 15, 2010

Man's Emotional Wall

Women everywhere want to know.. “Why don’t men talk about their feelings?” It’s an age old question that the fairer sex has not quite yet been able to figure out. Truth be told ladies, you haven’t even gotten close. You try so hard and dig so deep, but yet the answer (although some may find it superficial) lies at the surface. A man is not allowed to show and/or express his feelings & emotions because society deems it a non-masculine trait. Picture society as this over pompous puppeteer, dictating how a “Man”, the stereotypical all mighty, never wavering, always secure and confident man should act, live, and evidently how close he is able to emotionally confide in his Lady counterpart.

Men find it nearly impossible at times to break away from these strings. This begins at birth, by the time he finds himself in the midst of a quality relationship, its a rap, it has become a subconscious characteristic. And just so that you don’t think men are using society as a scapegoat, there is an additional culprit: the Corpus Callosum. It’s the part of the brain which connects the left and right brain hemisphere. Staying away from the confusing scientifics of it all -but the gist is that this part of the brain is larger in women than in men. The result is that women can think and feel at the same time [i.e. often leading to emotional irrationality, but I digress], while men naturally separate their feelings from what they are thinking. This creates mans reluctance to talk about all that lovey dovey stuff that women love to hash out.