Monday, August 22, 2011

If Love were HomeLess...

If Love were homeless,
I would roam less.
No longer approaching her open handed, I could breathe a little more freely, feeling a lot less needy.
See me and Love have always been on opposite ends of the spectrum.
When she had the answers, I would be searching for them.
While she lay calm, I found myself becoming a nomad of mayhem.
I traveled light, slept lighter.

If Love were homeless,
Maybe she would care less.
Of these fools’ games she plays
Or these foul things she says
She would have a deeper appreciation for those who don’t have her
And others would no longer be her source of laughter.

If Love were homeless,
She would understand there is more to life than just 'The Moment'.
She would listen to more to what I do,
Rather than what I didn't say
She would keep promises and confess to her lies
She would stay around long enough to dry my eyes

If Love were homeless...
She would give a fuck.

It's time for Love to grow up.