Thursday, October 8, 2009

To need to want..

It is a weakness of a weak willed person to need someone in or around their life. But to Want, well that’s more of a selection process. Showing and indicating that other options are available to you, but through one’s own individual will and desire has chosen to choose that particular thing or individual.

I dream of the day a women tells me she doesn’t need me. She is whole when alone. She was whole in thought, body, mind, and spirit prior to encountering me, and I would only wish she not stray. I dream of the day a woman tells me she wants me. There are many other men in this world and no matter how cock sure I can pretend to be at times, I humbly respect the reality of neither being the world’s most attractive man nor smartest. By Her, telling me she wants me, gives proof to the indication that she truly and simply just enjoys and prefers my company.

p.s. For the record.. I want Her too.