Monday, February 28, 2011

Love behind the Wall..

Floatin in a dream world
Love is here
Drifting into reality
Pain is near…
So I clear,
My throat
Never to rest to heavily on hope
Rope…ing my thoughts
And gearing my mind
To find
Ill need it.
I hope you have it.
Grab it,
The sledge hammer
And go ham against the wall surrounding my heart, Attack
it like rats to cheese
make haste in this rat race
pace yourself at a top speed of forever:mph
devour the bullshit that flies from the blade against the concrete
No shelter, no don’t hide
this is what u signed up for, so tell me what you feel in side
and ill do the same.
Show me your mind
And ill do the same
Share whispers from your soul
And ill share with you those from mine.
Keep hammering away, never to slow
Ill let you see my vulnerability
If you promise not to go
And if time proves you shall not stammer
Ill reach down and grasp my own hammer..
My swing is heavy, and yours relentless
Together we can bring down my wall
Behind it love can be witnessed.

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