Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Tips on How to Lie :\

1) A lie is a lie is a lie... You lie to 1 person, you must carry that lie to any and all people connected to that individual.

2) You dont need a poker face to be successful. Try NOT being serious. Joking within your lying.

3) Remember your lies. WIthhold them and uphold them until the end of time.

4) Look into the person's eyes when you lie. This is key.

5) Offer alibis. Tell your closest friends what you are lying about so they can cover for you even if there is the slightest of chance they will be involved

6) Surround your lie with truths

7) Don't lie often so your word is more viable.

8) Develop a habit for taking the blame on minor things and don't fight/argue over minor stuff... In return, things you do create an issue over will be taken much more serious.

9) Don't shy away from the lying topic at hand. Make the other person change the topic. Showcase your comfort and security in talking about it.

10) DON'T lie to those who Know you Best !!!

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