Sunday, August 8, 2010

Defining Love Part 3

The Story of Defining Love

Love is Blinding...

So it is said. However, I beg to differ. Thinking you are in Love is Blinding. More than a blind fold, covering your ears just as well as your eyes, it proves time and time again to be all too overwhelming for anyone individual to overcome alone.
“Nope, see when we have kids, I’ll probably take a year off of work to be with the baby. Oh, I really hope they have his eyes!” She always spoke in terms of the future tense.

She was young. He was young. They still had so much to learn about themselves as individuals, but yet she was all too focused on the destination, she had put forth little thought on the journey. She was blinded to the roads that lay just beneath her feet, mustering all her might to only see that which she felt was her… their… ultimate fate; A life together.

True Love is understanding. It is equip with a sight more keen than that of an eagle’s, allowing one to see all obstacles that lie in front and the comprehension that a fork may lie in one’s path at times deviating them from the roads in which they travel. Love is so much more than a feeling, but it is a reality as well and a commitment on top of that. Part of True Love allowing unhindered range in sight, is being able to see, realize, and admit your level of self knowledge. If you need to deviate onto an alternate road to learn, experience, explore more of the realm of “You”, it doesn’t not mean you don’t love that other individual.

The girl who inspired this segment didn’t know that. When her boyfriend told her he needed to travel the world, she didn’t understand why. When her boyfriend told her he needed to join the military to test himself, she thought he was running away. When her boyfriend told her he would always be there for her, she thought he had already left her. She thought she was in love. He knew he was.

Love does not limit the individual.

Too be continued…

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  1. Good post! "Love" can be blinding sometimes.