Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Defining Love Part 2

The Story of Defining Love
Amidst mid stroke he stopped. “I love you.” He said the words as if they had been brewing on his mind for ages. But really what he meant was “I have a justly irreplaceable lust for your physical presence.” He really did love her though. So he thought anyway. What he failed to realize is that he had fallen in love with her presence. Merely just one aspect. Like taking a bite into a burger and just merely saying ‘I love the onions.’

Her eyes rose slowly from his chest to his chin, settling upon his eyes. “Baby, I love you too.” For her, she truly had lingered with the thought on prior occasions. She too believed she loved him. All of him. He made her laugh, he was smart, ambitious, handsome, and treated her well. McDreamy compared to her past relationships. But… is a love by comparison a true love?

The pair shared a moment they would never forget. Such a brief moment. Known to them then as enchanting. Understood by them later as a lesson learned.
On the road to defining love, we must first understand that love encompasses many facets. Without love for each facet: Body, mind, soul, spirit, behaviors, habits, history, future, present; True love cannot exist. Think of love as a self sustained ecosystem. All elements must be intact for it to exist, survive, and thrive.
True love is neither a portion nor a comparison.

To be Continued…


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