Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Black Men Love White Women..

Why Black Men Love White Women..

These are my thoughts, but not my ways. I am only led to believe this by what I have seen before my eyes during my short lived 21 years of life thus far.

Well allow me to back track and begin by retitling it: Why SOME Black men love White women. The answer is simply attributed to society and the media. Haha how is thus so? Ahh I was hoping you would ask! Black men in America are viewed as lazy, and while I am no fan of stereotypes, many do tend to have a solid foundation in some truth from somewhere. Many black men, and well men in general at times, just like things to come easy. Ladies, ever hear how “you’re just so beautiful that men are intimidated by you”? Indirectly, this is true. Men can often times be intimidated by beauty because stereotypically beauty includes the needing of hirer standards (aka us needing to spend more money on you before we get you in bed) ß Warning: Stereotypical thought!.
So lets break it down.. What’s easy and what’s “not as easy”. Asians seem to naturally cling to their own, a pride of their ethnicity and definitely stressed in the house hold by mom and pops. Side note* I took a cute Asian chicka to a High School dance once.. Parents were so upset that I was black, they didn’t even see her off to the dance nor take pictures; simple dropped her off at the crib and burned madd rubber as they dipped off lol! SoOo Asians = Hard or harder than most.
“Black gurls have too much attitude!” Is the excuse most black men say as they run behind the tails of these white girls. Black women have no more attitude than any other race, but we all must agree we are taught that we must “Defy Odds” in are trials and tribulations of everyday racist America. This leads to a instinctive chip on all Black Americans’ shoulder. Next factor is Black man vs. Black woman is two of the same race speaking to one another. That since of comfort/equal playing field will allow more attitude to be displayed. You argue with your peers/friends more than you do elders because lets face it, ur on a equal playing field with that peer.
Hispanics? Same deal yall. Hispanics and Blacks are both bottom of the food chain in America’s hierarchy, we often coexist in the same neighborhoods (LongBeach for damn sure). More often than not Hispanics are up on the urban trends and hell – raise your hand if you have a Hispanic friend back home that you let say the N~word! Lol Cmon don’t lie! We’re so in the same boat that they can easy get classified with back gurls as having too much attitudes and well that only leaves us with one more option..
WHITE CHICKS!!! Now this is where media comes into play. Now-a-days in the States and hell all over the globe, who doesn’t want to act Black and have that urban swag to them?! And for those who are furthest from this (whites) it can become most appealing. And well lets not forget we [Black Men] have the legend of being.. umm caring.. well “packing a lil sum extra below the belt” lol if ya know what im sayin! Yall know what im sayin lol! White gurls want what is fascinating and want what they are “not suppose to have” and these combinations of things makes them an easy catch. If a fish jumped in your boat, would you throw it back out to sea?? ShooooTTT I mean I love CatFish, but if some Salmon just jumped in my boat all wet and naked.. I am only a man ;)

(Society + Media) = White women wanting Black Men x Black Men wanting the easy road =
= Black Men Dating White Women

P.s. I love Black Women


  1. Very well written....
    maybe i'll go get me a white man.

  2. I feel you on the role in which media plays. But from a personal standpoint, I've dated around the block and still don't have a preference. Guess I'm all about that Filet Mignon!

  3. I love me some chocolate fish lol....but seriously I think you have some valid arguments. I have lived in Iowa for 9 months now. Believe it or not there are black people in Iowa. I have noticed if the black women are not directly affiliated with the university, then there is a tendency for them to have "more attitude" or be more hood. As a result, all I see is black men dating white women.

  4. I hope that asian girl wasn't me! My parents were cool about it. I think what you wrote have some valid points, although I must say with each generation, it has become more and more evenly spread.

  5. cute post Corbin BUT you may have missed a few valid posts.... Black guys hate weave and a majority of black women wear them...

    "good hair" seems to be a big deal these days!!!!


  6. I really don't think we love them, I think we settle for them. It's all on terms of complacency. The white girl gets some think "dangerous" and against the "norm," and the black man choses her cause she's complacent. She doesn't have strong opinions and speak her mind, she's okay being behind instead of beside him. But again to each there own, nice topic.

  7. haaaaaa. this is just funny. nice analysis :]