Monday, May 25, 2009

Who is King..

Allow me to break it down and in the mist do NOT be surprised if I were to drop some knowledge on you. Hands down these are the Game's to MOST dominate individuals.. with honorable mentions extended to the Melo Man. No one in the game and no one to ever play the game can stop either of these players (No offense Joe Dumars and Scotty Pippen). So with no further adue lets get down to business.. Whos Better? Back to the basket neither are seen by no opposition, driving to the hole.. its a green light all day long for both of these gentlemen. Difference is.. Their pure ability to shoot the ball. King James has a range never before seen, but the consistancy of that of the Black Momba, is like that of a dagger to the heart.. Sure to kill! Kobe can rest his lorals on his shooting game, causing his defenders to guard both his drive and to respect his shot!

Check out game 3 Orlando vs. Cavs. Hedu played a good foot and a half off of him the whole night, defence like that against Kobe is surely detremental! A team with great help defence ca aid in the slowing of leBron, but not Nay help can assist with Kobe. Houston had arguably the 2 BEST preimeter defenders in Shane and Artest, routating guarding Bryant, the other meanwhile in help and not to mention the bulldog Scola and the Tallest player in the League Yao Ming clogging up the Lane.. Yet still Kobe Bryant maintianed a scoring average throughout the series that was higher than that of his season average! Quite Impressive ;)

p.s. Key pointer as well.. Check out how often LeBron drives to the hole and creates a quality shot for himself but yet still ends up passing it off. No doubt the kid is a great passer but hey man, if u have a higher potential shot than the person your dumping it off to, then you (as a leader) got to take it!

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