Monday, January 24, 2011

The Hard Part...

What hurts most
Is that it hurts the most
No Champaign bottles
No special toast
Cant find a shooting star to place my hopes
The dance floor has cleared
And only you and I are left standing here
We knew each other so well as the record spun
Intertwining the night towards endless fun
Endless has ended
With nothing else begin’in
But the shock, from the stop
Of the music playin
Its sayin
Only what needs to be said:
Hearts in it, but where’s are head?
Love hasn’t left, but is the passion dead?
But the final literature has yet to have been read
The journey of a love story
That it is, so lets not worry
We can flip the page and write a new chapter.
Later to look back with light hearted laughter.

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