Sunday, August 30, 2009

Faith begins, Where understanding ends..

Women are something I do not understand. So, I bargain. Or better yet, I barter. Offering my faith for that of which I cannot offer; comprehension. Please understand that I rarely do this. I, ladies, am humbling myself by admitting that my mind is unable to figure you all out. But enough of the mushy stuff, I have only come to this conclusion due to another conclusion.. One whom is confused or wavering in thought, cannot and will not be understood.

Disagree? Oh I should hope you do! Ladies, close your eyes and picture your ideal man; body type, style, level of intelligence. Is he ambitious? Goal oriented? Treats you like the queen that you are? Ok, now think of the guy you are currently dating or most recently dated. Is he a match? Does he match your description? 8/10 (and I’m being generous) will have said no, he doesn’t quite match up! Sooo with that being stated, Ladies, why is it that you are not going for what you truly want? No no don’t tell me all that b.s. about Love and how it comes in different forms and ish!! Straight up, majority of you all settle! You know HE is not what you “WANT” but yet you still give him a shot!

In all fairity (new word lol). Guys do this as well. So what’s the dif? Guys, we know when we are settling lol! Ladies you seem to get caught up in your confusion and fool yourselves into thinking “Mr. I dropped outta school to focus on my Rap Career” would somehow undoubtedly transform into “Mr. Hello I am a Lawyer and I own my own practice.” WishFul Thinking?? Haha I think NOT! Sounds more so like, mmm yea Confusion and Wavering in Thought!

*Ladies.. Stop fooling yourselves. Say what you mean, Mean what you say, and Go for what you want.

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  1. I could not be any more in agreeance (new word) with you my good sir. ESPECIALLY the whole "Say what you mean and mean what you say"